To: Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, and Michael O'Malley, Chief Prosecutor, Cuyahoga County.

Top law enforcement ignore attorney’s abuse of disabled woman

The abuse of women, under any circumstance, but especially under color of law, should not be tolerated. Prosecution of the attorney who did irreparable harm to Genevieve Rowan will send an important message to those in power.

Why is this important?

Genevieve Rowan, mother of three, journalist, childhood trauma survivor, sustained abuse and cruelty under the hand of guardianship attorney Ronald L. McLaughlin for five years. It escalated until she could bear no more. It is documented at The county prosecutor, and state AG’s office, continue to sweep it all under the rug.

The county has a history of corruption. Former commissioner Jimmy Dimora, later sent to prison, was partying with call girls in Vegas while Genevieve was being brutalized. Not to single him out.

Likewise the Ohio Attorney General should re-investigate the perjury McLaughlin plied to the AG’s inspectors. Their investigation under a previous administration is a sham, to put it politely. The AG then in office, Marc Dann, was ousted for his own rotten behavior towards women.

Genevieve’s abuse, anguishing to witness and difficult to describe, would not be difficult to prove, in court or out. And it is not entirely unique: The Cincinnati Enquirer since has reported that every five days a ward of the State of Ohio dies a preventable death in a nursing home. And women have faced mistreatment in the courts since the days of the Prophet Daniel. The measure of that debacle can been seen at .

We the undersigned remind the prosecutor, and former Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, of a federal appellate court’s decision in Carson v. Elrod, affirming that, “no bond is more precious than that between parent and child, and none should be more zealously protected by the law.”

Attorney McLaughlin took a central role in undermining that cornerstone of humankind. He and those in league with him should answer for it.


Reasons for signing

  • There for the grace of God, can be any of us
  • This is awful... Whomever is in charge needs to investigate and punish these people for their abysmal care of this poor woman.
  • Any abuse, toward the young, or the old, should be dealt with accordingly.

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