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To: Honorable New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, Honorable New York State Speaker Carl Heastie, Majority Leader Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins

Help children during Coronavirus outbreak have mental stability in New York State.

Help children during Coronavirus outbreak have mental stability in New York State.


New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo
Honorable New York State Speaker Carl Heastie
Majority Leader Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins

“This pandemic is really taking a toll on me and my family. we are trapped in the house in fear of catching this virus, their schools are shut down so they miss out on their education, the supermarket makes everyone wait on long lines to purchase food and a lot of the shelves are practically empty.” Anonymous parent

Over 2.5 million of our New York State school children have been left to adjust to the abrupt change of remote learning, as the novel Coronavirus progresses. While children are out of school learning remotely, they now face other issues such as social isolation, anxiety, distress, stress, trauma and other social-emotional challenges.

While we understand the necessity and agree with Governor Andrew Cuomo decision to close schools and maintain safety of all, it is also vital that our children well-being is supported in the process. Virtual mental health and social/emotional support is needed to help our children get through this uncertain time and crisis.

The coronavirus has serious impact on our children well-being; this impact is greater than we are acknowledging today. Children are now forced to adjust during a world pandemic and crisis without the physical company of those they traditionally interact with including peers, teachers, counselors, community and religious leaders. With the absence of in-classroom learning, after school programs and other social activities, parents are also grappling and struggling with these changes, creating other issues such as parent stress, parenting challenges, working from home while teaching children at home.

While medical health and safety is our priority, we cannot neglect mental health, especially the mental health of our children. That is why we are urging Governor Andrew Cuomo and our state leaders to ensure funds are set aside for over 2.5 million children in New York State to have access to virtual social and emotional support and mental health services. Without such state investment, we fear vulnerable New York children mental well-being will not be supported during a time needed the most.

Why is this important?

We are urging Governor Andrew Cuomo to develop a comprehensive plan and make available funds for virtual programs including tele-counseling, virtual art programs, that will support children mental health and well-being. Investing funds into community-based organizations who have been supporting our children and families many years before this pandemic is crucial to ensuring our children are holistically safe.

Virtual support such as this will provide a healthy and much needed outlet for our children to interact and receive crucial services while practicing social distancing.

Our children are our priority.

We are asking you to sign our petition to make sure all New York State children well-being is supported. We are in this together.

How it will be delivered

Signatures for petition will be delivered through email to the Honorable New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, Honorable New York State Speaker Carl Heastie and Majority Leader Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins

Reasons for signing

  • Rosa batista
  • Mental health is so important for everyone, especially for our children. Distress and lack of emotional support will cause negative impacts in their lives when they grow up. Mental health is too important even if the affects are not visible to the eye.


2020-04-14 21:36:38 -0400

Hey everyone! 👋Thank you so much for signing our petition and standing up for our kids in New York. We are so close to our goal & I believe we can get there with your help. I am asking for you to share this petition with your friends & families so we can get there together. 🙏🏾

2020-04-08 17:25:23 -0400

100 signatures reached

2020-04-08 13:57:07 -0400

Hi Friends & family,

Thank you so much for signing our petition. We are just a few signatures away from reaching out 100 signatures and would love for you to share this petition with your family and friends and spread the word! Together we can accomplish great things!

2020-04-07 11:09:21 -0400

50 signatures reached

2020-04-06 19:41:06 -0400

25 signatures reached

2020-04-06 18:40:56 -0400

10 signatures reached

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