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To: Hillsborough Township Committee

Hillsborough TWP Committee: Continue Virtual Meetings

Hillsborough TWP Committee: Continue Virtual Meetings

Hillsborough Township Committee decided on Tuesday, May 25 to discontinue the use of Zoom for committee meetings. The COVID-19 Pandemic taught us that virtual meetings are a viable option for participation in many scenarios. Cutting off public participation from home sends a clear message to those that may not have the ability to travel to the municipal building that their voices won’t be heard. Instead of moving with the digital times, the committee decided to allow write-in remarks that will be read aloud. While the words will be heard, the voice and the emotion will not. We are asking all Hillsborough residents to sign this petition urging the committee to continue with the Zoom meetings indefinitely so all township members have an option to participate in our local government.

Why is this important?

Hillsborough community members with disabilities, weak immune systems, and others should be able to participate in our local government.

Reasons for signing

  • Virtually, ALL people who want to attend,can.
  • This isn't Texas. This isn't Georgia. We don't suppress the voices of taxpayers, and certainly not the voices of those that may be handicapped. And those that want voices suppressed, do so because they have no answers to the tough questions. Open up the meetings to everybody!


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