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To: Rusk County & Surrounding Communities

Hospital to Veteran's Housing

Many of you may have seen this video, as the Property meeting from last Friday has nearly 475 views.

But this seems to be our only viable option to NOT tear down the hospital, and save the taxpayers money. Have you looked at the asbestos study I shared earlier this week? I'm sure remediation to tear down will not be cheap.

The Impact 7 option is no longer interested in the building as housing, regardless of the County's interest. (Which I get, as a majority they didn't have anyway.)

However, there is this option that Marty Reynolds spoke about at the Property Committee and has written about as a Letter to the editor (look in comments for a copy of the letter) to sell the building to the state to be used for homeless veterans.

This is a compelling case. And one we have little time to act on.

Many people like to say so-and-so company got told the city isn't interested in your business coming here. Which is pretty ridiculous when considering what little we have here as a customer base, ie. Arby's, Wagreens, etc.

But years from now, when the board has changed hands maybe multiple times and some membets have passed on, my kids and your kids are going to remember when our County Board said no to saving us money as taxpayers, no to housing families, and NO TO HOUSING HOMELESS VETS.

We will remember. And we won't have have case to wonder why youth with dreams leave this place and never look back.

Our county leaders don't want progress here- right now, at this time. I'm not sure if they want the easy way out or they have a secret plan in place to give someone a really sweet deal at our expense.

But I will tell you this. All I ever hear is how much this community loves the veterans.

Well, it's time to put your money where your mouth is and tell this county board to ACT- and act FAST.

You do not have time to sit around and contemplate this. Watch the video and read the letter. Contact Marty Reynolds if you have questions. Message this page for contact info. Email us.make phone calls. Contact your friends.

But...we need the public to tell this board to say YES to veterans needing housing! Say YES to the opportunity to save the taxpayers money. Say YES to bringing people to our workforce. Say YES to progress in this County.

Our kids will remember. And this decision to tear down and say no to the two good options we've had, let's young people know Rusk County is not a place looking to improve it's own situation.

The state is looking for an empty building with enough rooms with bathrooms, along with other criteria. Do you think other buildings probably have asbestos? I would think most definitely. Let's not get bogged down in costs to rehab (they're not looking to rehab much, I'm sure), or the building having asbestos.

Let's demand the County get this RFI sent out and let the state decide if they'd like it or not. What do we stand to lose?

In my mind, the board loses because it has to be willing to reverse course. And this board is willing to cut off its nose to spite its face.

However, we all deserve better. Our kids deserve better.

Veterans deserve better!

And to quote Marty Reynolds, "Rusk County has an opportunity to put real meaning into the adage, 'If you Love your Freedom, Thank a Vet'."

I call you to ACTION. Go forth, and let's make it so!

Call your board supervisors and others. I'll put the link in the comments to the page with all county contact info. I wouldn't suggest email at this point. This is time sensitive, and a number of members can't or don't access their own emails. CALL TODAY! comment on this post. Trust me, MANY local leaders are watching.

The board will most like need a special meeting to approve this RFI to be sent out! BUT where there's a WILL there is a WAY!

Hospital to Veteran's Housing! May it be so!

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