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To: Nancy Pelosi

Impeach and or remove SCOTUS justices

Impeach and or remove SCOTUS justices

Dear Speaker of the House Pelosi,

I am writing this to you in hopes you can be of assistance. I would like to circulate a petition to have the three justices placed under Trump's rein as the Wanna Be King removed from office of Justices of the Supreme Court.
In my humble opinion, they were placed illegally and Democrats were denied the rightful choices of their nominees.
I believe with the help of all Democrats and President Biden, this can be accomplished. The decision they made concerning Texas's abortion ban makes this move to the top of the list of things President Biden must accomplish while in office.

I respectfully request any help or assistance in getting such a petition or Congressional Committee started to do exactly this.

Robert H Workman
Lifelong Democrat and Proud of it.

Why is this important?

We've seen what power the Supreme Court has over what happens in our country. The most outrageous example is the ruling on Texas and its basic ban of all abortions.

This is just the beginning of Republicans taking control of the country state by state with the assistance of Trumps nominees. He did irreparable damage already while president and with the help of his Trump Republicans, is still moving our country toward religious control over not only women, but the LGBTQ+ community.

How soon will it be before they have control over all aspects of how each and every person in this country lives? Do you want to wait until you are the next person or group they come after?

We moved into the 21st century and people with a 19th century mindset is slowly taking over the country. How are we to compete in such a world? We'll lose the respect and backing of each and everyone of our allies. We are the country that's supposed to be representative of how the world should be. We are no better than the Taliban when it comes to the rights of our Mothers, Sisters, Aunts and Nieces.

As a gay man, we have fought for equal rights, not more or better rights, just what everyone else has naturally. Am I as your friend, brother, uncle, nephew or son to be treated like I'm not human because of my sexual orientation? Am I to return to being denied human rights?

In the 70's in Pittsburgh, PA, I witnessed first hand the not so perfect police protection for gays and lesbians that straight white men and women have. I personally witnessed two of Pittsburgh's finest come into a gay bar, go to the bar, get alcoholic drinks and handed an envelope with money in it. That was our protection. Protection not to be harrased or arrested. The owner, when I wanted to protest begged me not to do so.

My mother, at the age of 91, walked myself and my husband down the isle. She was a devout Mormon and yet she loved me unconditionally. When the law passed she made this comment: Better hurry and do it before they changed their minds. Well, she wasn't far off. I believe this is where we are headed and without the support of the gay community and those who love us, we may just end up where we were in the 70's and before.

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