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To: Hamilton County Residents & the Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners

Join The Health Gap Supporting Commissioner Parks Resolution Declaring Racism a Public Health Crisis

The resolution to declare racism as a public health crisis in Hamilton County was passed by the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners.

Join The Health Gap Supporting Commissioner Parks Resolution Declaring Racism a Public Health Crisis

We are asking Hamilton County Residents to show support of Commissioner Victoria Parks’ resolution to declare racism as a public health crisis. Please note that this is more than a declaration, but an action. Public health is meant to protect and improve the health of people and their communities through educational programs, administering services, recommending policies, lowering the health disparities with accessible healthcare and much more. As it stands now the health disparities between black Ohioans and white Ohioans are wide. By signing this petition you stand in solidarity to declare that racism is a public health crisis that needs to be addressed in Hamilton County.

Why is this important?

This resolution would have Hamilton County to formally recognize racism as a public health crisis. Historically the health outcomes of minority populations, especially black people in the U.S. and locally in Hamilton County have been statistically lower than those of the white population. Black people die prematurely and are more susceptible to critical health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and obesity. These numbers are currently being increasingly exposed through data that is showing that black Americans are dying at disproportionately higher rates from the coronavirus than all other races. In addition to a lower life expectancy black Ohioans face higher rates of infant mortality where racism is a key driver in these cases. In Hamilton County the number of black babies who die before their first birthday is double compared to white babies. Furthermore, factors such as access to care, education level, income, race, and ethnicity, hinder black Ohioans from receiving the health care that they need, especially oral and dental health care. Other social determinants such as socioeconomic status, access to food, physical environment, education, and access to health care can further hinder positive health comes for black and minority populations in Hamilton County. This resolution would address these issues to ensure that the health of all residents is prioritized no matter their race.

Here are a few ways racism in Hamilton County will be addressed through this resolution and improve the health outcomes for all people:
● The Hamilton County BOCC will support and collaborate with organizations that focus on black communities, in effort to eliminate health disparities.
● The Hamilton County Child Fatality Review and Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Processes will investigate child and infant deaths that were affected by racism.
● The Hamilton County Oral Health Coalition will advocate the oral health needs of all citizens of Hamilton County.
● Hamilton County BOCC will prioritize health for all races, issuing Health and Equity in All policies approach to decision making.
● The Office of the Hamilton County Sheriff will dedicate Active Bystander training for its officers in order to prevent wrong doings on the job.
● The Hamilton County BOCC will collaborate with the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center to provide a curriculum for private, public and nonprofit entities to teach about the effect racism has on African-Americans and people of color.
● The Hamilton County BOCC encourages all community leaders and stakeholders to acknowledge racism as a public health crisis. To take action to advance equity in the community of Hamilton County.

You can view the resolution at:

Reasons for signing

  • Because I belive this to be true
  • Because true!
  • Anthony Jefferson he was one of the first African people to be free but he was a slave on of over 10,000 African American slaves why don't teach this in school


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