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To: Joy Reid, Host of the ReidOut and MSNBC

Joy Reid and MSNBC: Apologize for Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Joy Reid and MSNBC: Apologize for Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Joy Reid must apologize for spreading the false, dangerous myth that Muslims are inherently radical and violent and MSNBC needs to take action to ensure anti-Muslim bigotry has no place on its network.

Why is this important?

Muslims have been gunned down in their homes and houses of worship by people who believe in the very same hateful, false smears that Reid shared on her program.

This is a longstanding pattern of Reid’s, who has spread anti-Muslim bigotry on her blog in the past and continues to do so on her platform on MSNBC today.

Reasons for signing

  • You can like the person and not agree with everything they say. These comments were inappropriate, racist and demeaning to a particular population and I'm sure Ms. Reid doesn't accept that when splken with regard to African Americans. We all need to apologize when we have caused harm whether consciously or unconsciously.
  • Radicalization can and does happen in any religious or ideological group. To single out Muslims on national media without providing context or alternative examples is dangerous and irresponsible in our current climate.
  • MSNBC is legitimizing Islamophobia its not enough they have nicole Wallace who has blood from countless dead Iraqi people on her hands but they have joy Reid inciting hatred of Muslims. As a secular American I condem christian supremacist like joy reid who spew hatred toward people of other faiths. I call on MSNBC to fire joy reid and replace her with Mehdi Hasan. We need now more then ever a clear voice to counter the rise of Islamophobia


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Why a Meaningful Joy Reid Apology Matters for Muslims

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