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To: Anyone of interest

Judge Brent Hall of Hardin Co. Family Court

To have Judge Brent Hall and Hardin County CPS investigated for corrupt and biased actions, wrongly removing children from their home.

Why is this important?

The purpose of this petition is to have the Hardin County Family Court system exposed and the system investigated. The number of families that are being torn apart is staggering. The evidence shows that Judge Hall acts above the law with no regard for our civil rights. They remove children not based on what's best for them but on his own terms. The court cases should all be reevaluated and the children should be heard. Criteria is not being met and his court decisions are not based on the facts.
Once a child is removed from their parents, no follow up is done. The children are falling through the cracks.
I am asking anyone with interest in this case to fill out a formal complaint to the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Committee. A copy of this petition will also be forwarded.
Thank you for taking a stand to help with this matter and bring our children home!

Reasons for signing

  • Because they are corrupt!
  • This is not okay.
  • He took both my kids and been gone 3 years and not even trying to give them back


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