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To: Judicial Conduct Commission of Kentucky

Kathy Stein's Unethical Behavior is harming families.

Kathy Stein's Unethical Behavior is harming families.

My name is Kimmaire Sellers and my son was violently taken out of my care at just two days old from a hospital I gave birth at in Lexington Ky on May 19, 2021. I have proven without reasonable doubt that my child should not have been taken. I was assigned Judge Stein in hopes that she would restore justice and see the error in my case and return my child to my custody.

Judge Stein not only abused her power but she muted me when I attempted to speak up against the false allegations and clear my name. She testified against me as a character witness and failed in her role as an honest and fair judge. I am not the only family she has destroyed and if she is not taken off the bench there will be more families that suffer at the hands of the incompetence she has repeatedly presented with no regards to her actions and how they affect families long term.

I am a witness and victim to how Judge Stein takes matters and the law into her own hands acting and behaving with malice and egregiously.

My son Zephaniah and I have suffered tremendously behind the unethical and unconstitutional actions of Kathy Stein. I'm asking the community/ The Judicial Conduct Commission of Kentucky to take a stand with me to prevent future harm to innocent families, single mothers and newborn babies. Get this criminal off the bench. Keep Criminals off the bench.

Why is this important?

I'm not the only single mother who has suffered at the hands of Kathy Stein's repeated injustice and abuse of power.

How it will be delivered

I want to deliver my petition to the people by sharing it with the world in hopes that (PEOPLE IN POWER) make a change in the system that is effecting families and children.


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So far 5 people are in agreement including myself. We can make change "THE POWER IS IN THE PEOPLE" thank you for showing support and genuine concern.