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To: Mondelez international

Keep Fair Lawn Bakery Open

Keep Fair Lawn Bakery Open

Keep fair lawn nabisco/mondelez bakery open.

Why is this important?

This is a company very dear to my heart. My grandfather left Bulgaria to pursue a better life in America for our family and this was his first real job here. It changed everything for us! My mother is a long time employee in this location and has dedicated her life to this company. So many lives will be changed if this location closes. We are in the middle of a pandemic and many families are dependent on this income. Our economy will be affected, our local businesses. We need to rally together and make sure the jobs stay here!


Reasons for signing

  • How can you justify making America great by taking away jobs from Americans to send the company overseas? And still expect Americans to buy the products ?
  • Mondelez needs to stay in Fair Lawn & not be moved to other countries for cheaper costs. While the CEO and other members make millions the hard working people struggle to make ends meet. We come to work everyday, work multiple shifts, get forced to work the weekends & now have to worry about keeping our job, are the same people who make these CEOs wealthy. There are far too many unemployed, poor, & homeless in America to be giving other countries employment. Mondelez lives matter
  • I care.......


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