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To: Golds Gym Corporate

Keep Golds Gym Open- South Pleasantburg

Keep Golds Gym Open- South Pleasantburg

Re-open the South Pleasantburg Golds Gym location in South Carolina !

Why is this important?

So far the best Gym I have been to in Greenville SC. This gym Met all of the major requirements a true gym rat needed: functional equipment, always clean, family environment, friendly staff, knowledgeable trainers and great hours of operation! This gym was the best gym I have ever trained at! The gym was always crowded and seemed to be profitable. This location is also the one location that is centrally located. We “all member’s” are very upset this location is the one closing in SC!

Reasons for signing

  • Returning back all states and cities around the world reopening and slowing & stopping the spread of COVID-19, returning students back to in person school learning and face to face learning. Larger group of students going back to school on February 1st 2021. Montgomery County Government reopening is on January 15 2021.
  • Best gym in Greenville..Loved the staff & I've gained like 25lbs since they've closed..All these other gyms in Greenville arent that great!!
  • Because it helps my community by being a business that helps us health wise and am not a member and have never been a member of any gym but I had planned to start my membership here before covid surfaced up and now it’s closed when this community needs it the most out of any other community does!


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