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To: Senate Agricultural Committee

Kids Should Be Fed, Period.

The Committee, and the full Senate, must pass S.3979, a bill that would expand the child nutrition support that began during the pandemic and provided free meals to all students. Many families are still struggling to put food on the table, even as grocery prices rise, and the war in Ukraine threatens the global food supply. All children should have reliable nutrition, period. It is within Congress' power to extend this funding and ensure that America's children are fed, healthy, and ready to learn.

Why is this important?

Over 6 million children in the US live with food insecurity. The expanded child tax credit, combined with the USDA program that provided free meals for all school children were a lifeline for hardworking families struggling to put food on the table. The double whammy of both these programs expiring, combined with rising grocery prices, puts America's children at further risk of hunger. No child should go to bed hungry. And we know that children can not learn if they are not fed. Universal free meals is the moral thing to do. It ensures our kids grow up healthy and well educated, which benefits us all.


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