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To: Congress

Look to Senator Warnock’s example and lower the outrageous cost of insulin!

Insulin. For people like Joshua Davis—First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s 13-year-old State of the Union guest—it’s a matter of life and death.

Senator Raphael Warnock's new bill would greatly reduce out-of-pocket costs for people who depend on insulin. The Affordable Insulin Now Act would require insurers to cap patient out-of-pocket costs for insulin at $35 per month.

Even better, Congress should pass the Build Back Better Act to help even more Americans afford their insulin.

Senator Warnock wants to lower the price of insulin. Congress, you’re next!

Sign the petition to demand that they lower the price of insulin now.

Why is this important?

Insulin prices are far too high, and they're impacting working-class families every day. For many people who live with diabetes, the cost of insulin is a matter of life or death. The high cost often leads to lethal rationing, and with this bill, we have the opportunity to save lives across the country.

Congress needs to side with President Biden, Senator Warnock, and Joshua Davis—not Big Pharma—and lower the cost of insulin!



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