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To: All AR Public School Boards Must Rise Up and Establish Mask Requirements in their public school district's!

Mask Up for Public School Students, Educators & Community

Mask Up for Public School Students, Educators & Community

According to Dr. Shmerling, Harvard Health Publishing senior faculty editor, in his April 29, 2021 article, "The best available evidence shows that we should all be wearing masks, because doing so will reduce spread of infection and save lives. It’s much harder to make a compelling case against wearing masks."

We need All AR Public School boards to ACT Immediately in Protecting our Public School Students & Community. We know that wearing masks will help protect and save lives. We know that without mask requirements/mandates, many vulnerable children, families and educators will not have enough resources to access masks and other necessary PPE's. We can not afford to repeat the same mistakes of 2020 by delaying to take necessary and proven actions that protect and save lives.

With mask requirements there were a reported from June 2021 to May 2021, the AR Dept of Health reported that there were a total of 44, 720 adults who reported to have had Covid-19 in our AR Public Schools. And, according to local news outlets, at least 12 adults who working public school districts in Arkansas tragically died with Covid-19 related complications.

Can you imagine the number of persons being exposed to Covid-19/variants without mask requirements/mandates in public schools starting on July 28, 2021? Can you imagine how many public school deaths might we experience in the absence of mask requirements/mandates in our public schools starting on July 28, 2021?

What type of lessons are we teaching our students when state elected officials ignore proven advice and recommendations of medical experts?

AR SB590, does not support the state laws that require local representative democracy for public school communities, it takes democratic rights away from locally elected school board members.

We expect you, as elected school board members to reclaim your local responsibility of representative leadership. Join together and vote on behalf of the voices of our vulnerable public school students, parents, educators and administrators: Establish Mask Requirements in your public school district in Arkansas.

Why is this important?

By signing this petition, you requesting that your local school board members vote to establish Mask Requirements in your public schools for the 2021-22 school year, as long as masks are proven to be effective in protecting, reducing and preventing infection, severity and deaths by Covid-19/variant.

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver a copy of the signatures from this petition to all public school board members and to local and national.


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