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To: City of La Puente Mayor Charlie Klinakis

Mayor Klinakis: Confront Sexual Harassment, Assault and other lawlessness at City Hall

Demand that Mayor Charlie Klinakis stop blaming the victim and protecting sexual harassers! Sign the pledge to take personal action to confront sexual harassment, assault, and retaliation by Mayor Klinakis at La Puente City Hall— when you sign, add a comment then share with and tag other people you want to invite to join you in being part of the solution!

Why is this important?

#MeToo has sparked an outpouring of personal stories of sexual harassment and assault.

Over 81 percent of women in the United States report having experienced sexual harassment. The damage is physical, psychological, and economic. It can happen to anyone—including men. That’s why we have laws in place to keep employees safe in the workplace from being harassed or retaliated against if they speak up about it. The conversation needs to include those who witness or are otherwise aware of these illegal actions – they need to speak up and let their voice be heard.

But in order to change the status quo, we need those who are witnesses to the harassment or assault — and most often encourage that behavior through their silence — to speak up and say “sexual harassment and retaliation is not okay.”

Take the pledge to act, and share with everyone who you want to invite to join you in taking on sexual harassment and assault and demand Mayor Klinakis ensure the City of La Puente is a safe place to work.


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