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To: McDonald’s

McDonald’s: Give Workers Paid Leave Protections Now

Protect your workers: Guarantee every employee has access to paid sick and family leave now.

Why is this important?

Hundreds of thousands of McDonald’s front-line employees are facing an impossible decision in the midst of the worsening COVID-19 crisis: Keep our jobs or maintain their health.

Dozens of McDonald’s workers in 14 states have contracted the virus and in a recent survey 22 percent of McDonald’s workers report they have gone to work feeling sick during the COVID-19 pandemic because of a lack of paid sick leave, fear of management retaliation for missing shifts or because they simply cannot afford to miss a paycheck.

McDonald’s slow, inadequate and irresponsible response in this crisis has placed us, our families and customers at risk. It’s well past time that McDonald’s use its vast resources to be a leader on behalf of us— the workers who contribute so much to the corporation’s brand, reputation, and profits.

We must make it clear that if McDonald’s wishes to be seen as a leader in the fast-food industry after this crisis, then it needs to lead from the front and put worker safety and public health first. No one should have to choose between their health or their livelihoods.

Together, we can hold them accountable: Sign our petition today and urge McDonald’s to mandate paid sick and family leave protections for all workers now.


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