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To: Congress, The President of the US

Raise SSI/SSDI permanently due to Changing economy due to COVID/Poverty

Raise SSI/SSDI permanently due to Changing economy due to COVID/Poverty

Dear Congressmen, Congresswomen, Vice President and the President; All of our government bodies and people:

I propose that we should raise SSI/SSDI to a more suitable monthly benefit, due to inflation, economic needs, to sustain better housing for our health and well being.
Most people want monthly checks until the pandemic ends, but poverty will not end when COVID-19 does. Poverty needs to be addressed as the main pandemic problem.
1. The poverty level in my city starts at $1500. SSI usually starts at $794, which we know we are blessed to receive.
3. The overall stimuluses do not help long term, because when the slump happens (usually three or four months after the last one) people are again grasping at straws. You can not use the stimulus to move, because even if it helps with moving costs, it will still cost too much by the month to pay without a higher payment.
4. Most rural or sub-burban towns do not have proper government or HUD housing for rent on a adjusted low income. Renters are faced with living with abusive people or relatives or places where there are health concerns, bugs, mold, and other problems including drugs and crime.
4. People need more money on a monthly basis which will get them up out of the hole, they can afford better housing, better health and choices. Run down low income housing promotes drug using and criminal activity.
5. This administration is about equality for all. Asians, African Americans, etc. Why can we not address the problem of social security and low income living?
6. If you receive just $794 a month, please see this FAQ sheet on moderate housing: $35 application fees, $250 utility deposits or higher, $rent the same as a deposit ($600, $400 or higher for one bedroom, $750/$400 for two people.) Waiting lists at government approved low income housing or HUD takes forever. How to speed up the processes?
7. If you can raise EBT or SNAP at state levels, why can we not do the same for SSI/SSDI? This is a real issue, and needs to be addressed. Create a housing voucher program that pays for a lower income rent due to a SSI/SSDI renter or VA, people with handicaps and disabilities. Let it be paid by tax dollars of the upper income due to a national or state lottery or grant, let it be a tax credit. Perhaps, Medicaid can help pay for the housing, due to it being a health concern as well as mental health concern. The mental health of a renter is the number one reason why low income housing fails us. If doctors can write a prescription for a wheel chair, why can they not write one for a better rented location?
8. Even after COVID ends, as the great depression shows us from history, there will still be economic fallout and stress for years into 2045 and beyond.
9. I am asking others to sign this petition so that we can usher in great change in Equality for all, black, white, etc. We can't all Rise up together equally if we are not included in the Equality for all. Your name and issues matter.

Why is this important?

I am not the only one in this mess.
I know other people feel the crunch of their expenses and day to day lives. People are scared to ask for more, because they know they'll be denied. I say we ask anyway, can't try, can't do. What if we change things?! What if we find a solution! What if we are listened too! Sign your name, and work for positive change. Let's not give up!

How it will be delivered

Via Twitter and social media platforms

Reasons for signing

  • It is about time we asked the government to help us out!
  • I created this petition to get awareness. I am sure I am not the only one in the crunch. Let's help one another, let's ask for help from the government.


2021-07-23 18:17:08 -0400

I cleaned up the petition, and added in some key points so it does not look like rambling. I have already sent this in the VP and President on their twitter accounts, and I also plan to send it to my state congressmen and districts. I want this to work. We need this. While we are blessed to get $794 a month, our problems can not change without more money and the COLA at the end of the year, only adds 13-25 dollars raises which creates rut with social security recipients. How does that help us in the short or long term? People are seeing change due to the new Equality Administration...why not all of us? Takes time sure, but if we keep pushing it away from us and not addressing it plainly, then well how can we ever do better as people for our country or as the Congress for our country? Remember, we all once had nothing and came from nothing. Let's #RiseUp. #OppressionHasToEnd

2021-07-23 17:45:23 -0400

Five signatures guys that is great! Let's keep the momentum going! Send this to your congress people, local clergy, commissioners and more! Raise the awareness!