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To: Village of Mulliken Board

Mulliken Welcomes Diversity

Mulliken Welcomes Diversity

The people who are signing this petition want the Village of Mulliken Board to approve the Buddhist monks plans to renovate the church, including the addition of living quarters for two people.

Why is this important?

The board's actions in previously denying the monks' request for permission to renovate the former Mulliken United Methodist Church was contrary to the ideals and beliefs of the majority of people in Mulliken. The people of Mulliken are particularly dismayed that one board member specifically stated that she voted against the monks' request based on religious differences. Religious discrimination is contrary to the best interests of the Mulliken community and to the preferences of the people of Mulliken. Such discrimination cannot be permitted to be perpetuated or endorsed by the Village board.

The people of Mulliken welcome the Buddhist community. It is our hope that the monks will reapply and that their application will be granted. The Mulliken community looks forward to meeting and getting to know our newest members.


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