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To: Netflix, Netflix CEO's Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters

Netflix: Stop the corporate greed, stop raising prices, NOW!

Netflix is raising prices on subscriptions again, despite continuous record profits.

There is no reason that greedy corporations should pay less in taxes than working people, but, in 2021, Netflix paid a tax rate of only 1.1% on 5.3 BILLION dollars of profit, avoiding over $1 billion in taxes. Yet still, Netflix raised prices by 10.7% in January of 2022, and now they’re raising their prices again.

Enough is enough. We must come together to stop this corporate greed.

Will you sign the petition to demand that Netflix stop the price hikes, NOW?

Why is this important?

Netflix’s newest price increase follows its unpopular and restrictive policy change regarding password sharing, requiring customers to pay an extra $7.99 to share their password with someone outside of their household. Netflix needs to know that consumers have the power—and we're not going to allow them get rich while they slash services and raise costs.

The reality is, when one streaming giant like Netflix raises its prices, the others often follow. Disney+, Hulu, Apple TV+, Discovery+, and AMC+ are also raising prices on some of their monthly subscriptions. It’s unacceptable.

Over the years, many people have ended their traditional cable TV contracts and migrated to streaming services, but the price hikes on these services are quickly becoming unsustainable. Netflix must stop the price hikes, NOW.

Netflix is implementing a price hike despite anticipating 5 BILLION dollars in free cash flow, partly due to writers and actors going on strike because Netflix and other streaming giants were refusing to offer them a fair contract. So essentially, writers and actors with the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) went months without work or pay while Netflix got richer.

It’s corporate greed on the backs of writers, actors, production staff, and Netflix subscribers, plain and simple. It must end.

The massive wealth inequality that we see between the ultrawealthy and everyday working people is reflected in the entertainment industry too.

Streaming companies like Netflix make BILLIONS of dollars in corporate profits each year and pay top executives hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars combined, while exploiting writers, actors, production staff, and streaming subscribers. This is one of the many reasons why we have to come together to stop these price hikes.

Add your name to the petition, and then send it to three friends to spread the word!



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