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To: Warren County Board of Supervisors

No Censorship At Samuels Public Library

The movement to censor LGBTQ-themed books at Samuel’s Public Library is wrong for our community. Our library is within its rights to represent the diversity of our county in its book collection. The Warren County Board of Supervisors should not be in the business of censorship. Reject attempts to ban books and weaponize funding in Warren County!

Why is this important?

Censorship of publicly funded libraries is a violation of our First Amendment rights and limits freedom and individuality!


2023-06-13 14:51:28 -0400

500 signatures reached

2023-06-13 10:43:29 -0400

This petition will be closed at 12:30 PM today, Tuesday, June 13 2023 in advance of delivery to the Board of Supervisors. We want this to be a petition that is highly local, so if you know of any Warren County residents who have not yet signed, please share the link ASAP. Thanks!

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