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To: President Donald Trump, United States Congress

No Covid-19 Bailout Money for Trump Corp

No Covid-19 Bailout Money for Trump Corp

We are asking that no bailout money be provided to any business owned by the President, Donald J Trump, or by any member of the US Congress

Why is this important?

President Trump has refused to commit to rejecting bailout funds for his personal business. For the President or any member of Congress to receive taxpayer corporate bailout funds would be corruption of the highest order.

Any bailout bill put forth and signed my Congress and the President for victims of the Covid-19 outbreak must exclude Trump Corp and any other business owned by the President, Vice-President, Cabinet Members and any member of US Congress.

Reasons for signing

  • Trump is dangerous with his lies about the Coronavirus! Trump is mentally ill and also a horrible bully to everyone! Bullies thrive on power like Trump does; we need to take the power away from him! We need to stand up to Trump and tell him to go pack his bags to the mental institute that is not in the USA, Russia, or to jail, right now! We can focus on the main threat, the Coronavirus without the wannabe dictator, Russian agent, and overgrown toddler in the White House!
  • The American people should always come first Mr. President. You possess the office that is *For the People,* and *Not for yourself.*
  • He has violated the emoluments clause many times over.


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