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To: Law enforcement leaders, elected officials, and police oversight entities at the local level— across the U.S.

No more white supremacist cops - no matter what the police unions say. Demand action now.

No more white supremacist cops - no matter what the police unions say. Demand action now.

It’s been known for years: white supremacists are present in police departments across the country. Intelligence experts and the FBI have repeatedly sounded the alarm. Yet nearly nothing has been done. Police leadership has turned a blind eye, and police unions have systematically resisted any attempts to investigate the problem and fire extremists.

Now we have off-duty officers from around the country participating in an attack on the U.S. Capitol, and some on-duty Capitol police officers—who are supposed to be protecting Congress—helping those mounting the attack. This is insane and unacceptable, and we need leadership willing to acknowledge and address the problem.

The time is now. We call on law enforcement leaders to thoroughly investigate the presence of white supremacists and other extremists within their police forces, purge them from their ranks, and strongly resist any attempts by police unions to defend extremist officers and keep them on the job.

Why is this important?

Those who attacked the Capitol, democracy, and the rule of law—resulting in at least 5 deaths — had help and even encouragement from some members of law enforcement.

Intelligence experts have warned for years about a major, growing problem with white supremacists and other far-right extremists in law enforcement. But police unions have fought and undermined attempts to investigate the problem and fire violent, racist, anti-government, and white supremacist extremists.

Several prominent police union leaders have associated with white supremacists, and police unions often perpetuate a culture of violence and impunity. They do everything possible to shield officers from accountability, including officers who are compromised by bias, racism, and connections to white supremacists groups.

Police unions have successfully defended officers who used racial slurs, who made posts calling for racist violence, and who have white supremacist tattoos. They have kept these officers in their jobs, on the streets with a badge and gun, and in a position to carry out violence against groups they hate (or to simply fail to protect them). This must change.

The consequences of failing to address white supremacist infiltration of the police are clearer than ever. It puts all of us in danger and threatens the basic functioning of our government and democracy. Join us in calling on law enforcement leaders—police chiefs, sheriffs, and others—to root out white supremacists and extremists in the agencies they lead, and directly confront any attempts by police unions to undermine the process or protect dangerous police officers.


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