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To: City Manager David Lynch

No Sanctuary for Racist Statues

Declare his proclamation designating Newton Falls a "statuary sanctuary" null and void.

Why is this important?

Statues of mass murderers, Confederate traitors, slave owners, and white supremacists have marred our land for far too long. Thankfully, the time has finally come to remove these material celebrations of racist oppression, and patriots throughout the land have wisely and courageously taken the initiative to do so. However, one official has foolishly called for these rejected statues to find a new home in the small town of America he manages. This effort to create a mecca for racism must be stopped.

We the people, Newton Falls residents and/or US citizens, firmly reject the illegal and ill-advised proclamation by a local unelected official to unilaterally declare our town a depository for statues of mass murderers, Confederate traitors, slave owners, and white supremacists. No celebration of systemic racism, genocide, or white supremacy has any place in America The Beautiful. We resolutely reject the proposed denigration of our fair town into a mecca for racists and their ilk, and declare this shameful proclamation null and void. We shall overcome.

How it will be delivered

by email

Reasons for signing

  • Germany has ZERO statues of Hitler or Third Reich members. Go figure. In order for U.S. to move forward we as citizens need to start telling the truth and facing the awful atrocities that were committed in the name of "freedom" and "democracy". We do not need to white wash all our history and celebrate genocide and white supremacy.
  • David Lynch is an idiot. He was an ineffective mayor of Euclid, and is a disbarred attorney.
  • These statues do more harm that good, if they do any good at all.


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