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To: Governor Tom Wolf, PA legislature

PA Gov't, Why Give Tax Breaks to Polluters? Asking for Millions of Struggling Pennsylvanians.

PA legislators, vote NO to amending HB732 to slip in huge subsidies for projects like the Beaver Cracker plant. Governor Wolf, stop using your veto as a bargaining chip. If HB732 comes to your desk, veto it once and for all.

Why is this important?

Emergency Action Needed NOW!
Please sign my petition and share it with your networks. But don't stop there.
Call, tweet at, fax, and email PA state legislators to tell them to vote NO to HB732.

Here's the background.
Are you angry when you read the stories about corporations getting all the stimulus cash while the people struggle to put food on their tables and avoid eviction?

A version of it is about to happen here in PA, but you can stop it.

On Monday morning, the Senate will amend HB732 to include the provisions of a bill Wolf vetoed, HB1100. The provisions give HUGE subsidies to companies planning projects like the Shell Cracker plant. If you get any email blasts from environmental organizations, you read about HB1100 when it was making its way through the legislature. You probably also read about how the environmental community thanked Wolf for his veto.

It was all theater.

Wolf used his veto as a bargaining chip to get some changes added to the legislation. At the time, he said, PA needed “to promote job creation and to enact financial stimulus packages for the benefit of Pennsylvanians who are hurting as they struggle with the substantial economic fallout of COVID-19.” He said the bill was not “responsible use of the Commonwealth’s limited resources."

Here's what was really happening. Even as Wolf was threatening to veto the bill, Dennis Davin at the Department of Community and Economic Development was signalling that Wolf was willing to negotiate. "DCED Secretary Dennis Davin said at a February budget hearing that he didn’t think the bill needed to be dumped entirely, just that 'it could be developed a little differently.'”

All of the terrible provisions of HB1100 are in the amendment to HB732 that will be introduced, voted on, and sent to the House for a concurrence vote on Monday morning without putting any of those provisions through the legislative process. Funny how fast the legislature can move when they're shafting you. Wouldn't it be great if they could work that fast to help you through this economic crisis?

You tell your legislators that you're watching them and will have this vote front of mind when you're in the voting booth.



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