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To: Sheila McCormick, Jason Pizzo , Shevrin Jones, Charlie Crist, Stephanie Murphy, Val Demmings, Frederica Wilson, Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Pass Prison Nursery Bill in Florida

Sign our petition to support our prosed bill to create a Prison Nursery program in FL, this program will allow pregnant mothers currently incarcerated for non-violent crimes to give birth and raise their child while serving their sentence. Join this campaign to support humanity for the incarcerated, and preserve the mental health of not only new Mothers but their children as well. Please help us out by sharing this petition!

Why is this important?

By creating an official prison nursery program that would allow mothers to raise their newborns from behind bars-- a practice that has been proven to reduce the likelihood of continued arrests and help decrease the number of children sent to foster care systems. This bill would apply to incarcerated women for non-violent crimes that are soon to finish their time served or are in for a short time. As Floridians, I believe it is our responsibility to act not only in the best interest of these children but in the best interest of their Mothers. Studies show that mothers who are allowed to be in contact with their babies during the first integral few months of being born produce lower rates of recidivism among participating mothers. It has been proven that prolonged disruption of parental care alters how the young brain develops. Please help us support women's rights, and advocate for the youth by supporting and sharing this petition!


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