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To: Houston Independent School District

Petition Against Houston ISD's Plans for Using Library Spaces as Detention Centers

We, the undersigned on behalf of LiteracyNation Inc., vehemently oppose the Houston Independent School District's plans to convert former library spaces into detention centers for students who misbehave. As advocates for literacy and education, we firmly believe that libraries are sacred havens of knowledge, fostering a love for reading, learning, and personal growth. Repurposing them as disciplinary spaces sends a disheartening message to students, one that associates education and reading with punishment.

Libraries play an essential role in promoting literacy and critical thinking, providing a space where students can explore new ideas, expand their horizons, and develop into well-rounded individuals. Transforming these spaces into detention centers not only dilutes their educational significance but also perpetuates negative stereotypes about learning, hindering the positive impact libraries can have on students' lives.

Furthermore, we are deeply concerned about the potential consequences of eliminating library positions in this process. Trained librarians are instrumental in nurturing a passion for reading and guiding students to valuable resources that align with their interests and academic needs. Removing such experts from the school environment risks exacerbating the existing equity gap, disproportionately affecting students from economically disadvantaged communities who rely heavily on school resources for their educational development.

We firmly believe that addressing student misbehavior should prioritize constructive and compassionate approaches, emphasizing positive reinforcement, counseling, and restorative practices. Placing students in detention within library spaces undermines the purpose of these centers as safe and nurturing environments for intellectual growth.

Moreover, libraries are vital community spaces, offering students a quiet place to study, collaborate, and engage with information beyond the classroom. Transforming them into detention centers deprives students of these enriching opportunities and impedes their overall educational journey.

Why is this important?

We, the concerned citizens and supporters of “Literacy and Justice for all” urge the Houston Independent School District to reconsider its plans for converting library spaces into detention centers. Let us collectively protect and nurture the sanctity of libraries as beacons of knowledge and learning, fostering a love for reading and empowering students to succeed academically and beyond. By preserving these invaluable resources, we can create a more equitable and enriched educational experience for all students within the Houston community.


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