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To: Campus Provost: Dr. Mary Barnes-Tilley, Board of Trustees: Andrew Hardin, Jay Saad, Jim Orr, Dr. Raj Menon, Stacy Anne Arias, Dr. J. Robert Collins, Dr. Stacey Donald, Greg Gomel and Fred Moses

Petition for a More Humane Disciplinary Structure in Collin College

Petition for a More Humane Disciplinary Structure in Collin College

The disciplinary actions of Collin College are too severe and shortsighted when dealing with first time offenders of the Student Housing Handbook and Code of Conduct regarding the use of illicit materials like Marijuana and Alcohol. Five students are set to be evicted and effectively expelled from higher education at Collin College because of an unprosecuted conviction of marijuana consumption and possession. Exiling these students in freezing temperatures is bad. Evicting human beings that you believe are in contact with drug dealers and pushers is worse and has no place in a just society. We need community involvement, not banishment and homelessness. We ask that there be a revision to how Collin College handles these offenses towards a more compassionate and community centered way and that the decision to evict on February 25th, 2022 is reversed.

Why is this important?

Every one of the students who were told to evict has the potential to do good in this world. And the key to unlocking that is exiling them from the Collin College Student Housing Community? That is mental! That has no place in a just society. Compassion does. And this arbitrary decision is absolutely unjust and shortsighted. Collin College is tangibly harming everyone involved in their decision to evict for a single, unprosecuted event.

How it will be delivered

Email and in person delivery.

Please email Spring Creek Campus Provost, Dr. Mary Barnes-Tilly at
and the Board of Trustees on their website:


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