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To: President Biden

President Biden: We want a world free from nukes!

I want and deserve a world free from nuclear weapons. Please seize the opportunity of the Nuclear Posture Review process to commit us to a future where nuclear weapons no longer threaten all of humanity.

Why is this important?

Right now the Biden administration is in the middle of the “Nuclear Posture Review,” where they’ll assess and evaluate current [read: Trump’s] U.S. nuclear weapons policy. They hope to complete it by early next year, and that means right now we’ve got a narrow window to impact their findings.

And although this president has long supported nonproliferation efforts, there are worrying signs that hawks inside the administration might succeed in keeping the dangerous status quo.

That’s why we’re calling on activists like you. Together, let’s remind the Biden administration of the widespread public support to end nuclear weapons use and remove these deadly devices from the world.

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