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To: President Trump and Defense Production Act coordinator Peter Navarro

Tell Trump GE workers are waiting to make ventilators right now!

GE is one of America’s leading producers of ventilators, but it is laying off workers instead of using its excess capacity to help meet our country’s needs as soon as possible. President Trump should use his authority under the Defense Production Act to require GE to use its highly-skilled union workforce and underutilized facilities to produce ventilators and save lives during this pandemic.

Why is this important?

We are longtime GE employees and proud IUE-CWA union members who know that we and our co-workers can make a real difference during this crisis by producing ventilators, but GE has failed to act. We are calling on President Trump to use his authority under the Defense Production Act to require GE to start producing ventilators at its underutilized facilities immediately!

We have the skills necessary to make ventilators and GE has the manufacturing capacity, but instead of producing this desperately needed equipment the company has announced massive layoffs of its workforce and GE factory space is sitting empty.

GE is partnering with other corporations to jumpstart ventilator production because its existing GE Healthcare production plant is now running at capacity. Meanwhile, thousands of Americans are dying every day. We need more companies producing more ventilators in more locations now, and the quickest way for GE to do that is to put its skilled workforce and excess capacity to work.

Workers like us are ready to start producing ventilators to help our country get through this crisis and save lives. President Trump must act now to require GE to do the right thing and start producing live-saving ventilators immediately. Please join this fight and sign our petition.


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