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To: Marin County District Attorney Lori Frugoli

DA Lori Frugoli: Prosecute individual spreading hate in Fairfax, CA

We demand DA Lori Frugoli prosecute the case recorded by Noah Mohan, of a man posting stickers with swastikas with the phrase "We Are Everywhere" in downtown Fairfax.

How can Frugoli say there was “insufficient evidence to file criminal charges” against the man, a Livermore resident?

Why is this important?

What more evidence do we need than watching him place the stickers?
See the video:


Charge this individual with vandalism, trespassing and hate crimes. Bring him to court, in front of a jury of his peers.

These threatening hateful acts belong adjudicated by the criminal justice system. Her explanation is unacceptable: “In this case, documentation of the acts did serve our community as it shed light on the conduct and let the individual know that such behavior does not represent our county."

A vandal who sprays graffiti on private property is arrested, charged and fined. This act placing swastika’s stating “we are everywhere” on private property is both vandalism and perhaps a hate crime.

Frugoli does our Marin community and Noah Mohan a huge disservice by deciding there is “insufficient evidence” to charge this person. If there is doubt, let the jury weigh in.

The DA plans to hold a forum to “stop hate crimes and hateful behavior.”
This person needs to be accountable and punished for these unacceptable actions.
Restorative Justice would be an option, of course.

More than ever, now, we need legal public actions to challenge hateful threatening gestures, not forums.

Demand DA Frugoli explain her thought process AND prosecute.


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