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To: Merrick Garland

Prosecute Trump and his accomplices

Prosecute Trump and his accomplices

Donald Trump must be held accountable for all of the laws he's broken while President. Starting with the many instances of obstruction of justice that Robert Mueller laid out, up through election tampering and insurrection, the United States must not allow the President to be above the law. Millions of people worked tirelessly to make sure not just that Trump was voted out of office, but that he would be held accountable for the destruction of our democracy. Nobody is above the law!!

Why is this important?

Every single freedom we have will be taken away, from voting to judicial decisions to the right to protest. The very atrocities we see in other authoritarian countries will become our every day reality. If corruption is left to become normalized and the perpetrators aren't held accountable, common sense shows this will all just get worse.


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