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To: Members of the Idaho Legislature

Protect Trans Kids in Idaho

On February 2, 2023, House Bill 71 was introduced and read in the Idaho Legislature. The bill is blatantly transphobic and encourages the mutilation of intersex children. It calls gender affirming surgeries and hormone treatments " mutilation" and claims that gender dysphoria is a temporary state of mind that adolescents grow out of. However, the protections from genital mutilation for children are not afforded to children "born with abnormal genitalia". Due to a new legislative rule, trans kids cannot testify in our legislature, please send stories of being a parent or relative of a trans child. Or trans adults, please share your experiences from childhood.

Why is this important?

Transgender people across the US are under attack. Transgender children are vulnerable. Protecting their rights to affirming care is protecting their mental health and safety.


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2023-02-09 14:04:53 -0500

This bill has moved out of committee to the house floor with a "do pass" recommedation. Please call, email, or send letters to your representatives

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