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To: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Provide adequate support for small businesses shut down due to COVID-19

Provide adequate support for small businesses shut down due to COVID-19

Dear Speaker of the House,
Thank you for blocking the GOP bill and fighting for better coverage for working families. Please, do not forget that the small businesses need the support and protection at this time more then ever. When called to close all “non-essential” business - we listened and closed our shops, restaurants, hair-salons, and acupuncture clinics. We complied, and by doing so put our families at a great economic risk. We have to pay rents to our landlords, not only for our private residences; we have to pay on our business loans and honor our suppliers' bills. We had to stop accepting customers and it will take a long time for us to restore our business even when this is all over. Many of us will not make it. We are the backbone of American economy, and yet all support is going to big corporations and banks.
Giving us yet another business loan “at a lower rate” does not solve our problem, it just postpones the inevitable. How will we repay these loans, if we are NOT ALLOWED to re-open our businesses?

Why is this important?

Many of us are the only providers for our families. Many of us are sole-proprietors and can’t even qualify for unemployment benefits. We have to furnish our own medical insurance, and if we can not run our business we cannot pay for our medical expenses either. We are in the worst possible situation here.
Madam Speaker, we are so proud of what you are trying to do for America. Please, do not leave small businesses in the lurch. When all of this is over who will cut your hair, who will launder your clothes, who will treat your aches and pains and soothe your worries? People like us. Please, remember us when you are fighting for the Disaster Relief measures on the house floor and in Senate.

Reasons for signing

  • Many small business owners will have no source of income due to the virus, they should be helped in any way they can.
  • I was shut down for over a week and not knowing when I will be able to open. This doesn't only effect me but my coworker who also isnt getting paid.
  • It's the right thing to do!


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