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To: John Chidsey, Subway CEO

Quick Action: Tell Subway to Ban the Open Carry of Firearms!

In light of news reports showing disturbing photos of heavily armed protesters patronizing a Subway restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina, carrying an apparent AT4 rocket launcher as well as multiple pistols, and shotguns, we are calling on you to keep your employees and customers safe from the threat of gun violence by prohibiting people from openly carrying weapons in your restaurants, and asking people to keep their guns at home.

Why is this important?

As many of our local restaurants begin to reopen with new safety measures in place to protect us from COVID-19, our excitement is tempered by alarm as we see another threat to our safety re-emerge in some of those same restaurants: the threat of gun violence. No matter what we look like, where we live, or where we come from, we want to be safe and free from the threat of gun violence.

On May 9th, a dozen protesters openly displayed weapons – including pistols, shotguns, and even what appeared to be an AT4 rocket launcher! – as they ordered food from a Subway restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina.

No one wants to feel scared as we begin to return to our favorite restaurants. Help us tell Subway CEO John Chidsey to ban the open carry of firearms in all Subway stores, and tell people to leave their guns at home!



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