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To: KY State Legislature and Governor

Recall Mitch McConnell from the US Senate

Recall Mitch McConnell from the US Senate

Recall (Remove) Mitch McConnell from his post as a United States Senator immediately, and organize a run-off election to select his replacement.

Why is this important?

Mitch has continually failed to represent his constituency, across the country and especially here in Kentucky. He has been uninterested in engaging with Kentuckians and was re-elected as a benefit of straight ticket Republican voting in a red state. He has been responsible for countless policies that have explicitly hurt the people of Kentucky, most recently in combating the increase of stimulus checks to $2k during the COVID pandemic. Removing him from the Senate is the right of the State of Kentucky.


Reasons for signing

  • McConnell is a spinless establishment politician who has spent too long in government.
  • You think allowing our country to fall into the hands of the CCP while stabbing our President in the back is funny? We won't stop protesting until you are gone!
  • Not backing President


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