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To: President Donald Trump

Release Our Elders and Political Prisoners Now!

We, the undersigned, respectfully ask you to exercise your power to issue immediate pardons and/or grant clemency to our long-suffering political prisoners. These include several elders in their 60s, 70s and 80s, notably Mr. Mutulu Shakur; Mr. Sundiata Acoli, aka Mr. Clark Squire; Mr. Grailing “Kojo” Brown; Mr. Veronza Bowers; Mr. Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin; Mr. Leonard Peltier; and, a number of others.

In addition, We call on you to reach out and encourage both Republican and Democratic Governors to utilize their authority to release our elders incarcerated in state facilities for decades. Among those still being held are: Mr. Ruchelle Cinque Magee and Mr. Romaine Fitzgerald, in California; Mr. Ed Poindexter, Nebraska; Mr. Russell “Maroon” Shoaltz and Mr. Mumia Abu-Jamal, Pennsylvania; Mr. David Gilbert, New York; and many, many others.

We thank you, Mr. Trump, for your positive consideration and action to right these wrongs and do justice.

Why is this important?

These long-suffering Elders have already been forced to survive four, five and nearly six decades of torturous confinement. Many were victims and survivors of the U.S. government's admittedly repressive "counter-intelligence programs" to discredit and destroy African American leadership and our Black organizations. They deserve immediate release and return to their families and our communities. Thank you.


2021-01-01 16:52:20 -0500

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