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To: Texas Legislature

Remove the R from ERCOT

Remove the R from ERCOT

Remove the R from the Energy Reliability Council of Texas. They are not Reliable. They are an unprepared council of bureaucrats who sat on their hands while millions and millions of Texans were without power and ultimately water due to their malfeasance. They are an embarrassment to the State of Texas.

Why is this important?

The Energy Reliability Council of Texas should be just that, Reliable. It is untenable that they have left millions of Texans across the state of Texas out of power with deaths and property damage in their wake because they could not perform the basic function as outlined in their name. They are the Energy Council of Texas at best. Somehow other state agencies like the Texas Dept. of Transportation did not strand millions of Texans on their highways. This is a failed agency with a false title. Texas may be an energy state, but clearly we don't know how to manage it. Tell the Texas Legislature to remove the R from ERCOT and give them a more fitting name and personnel capable of securing the lives of its residents.

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  • Texas needs change at ERCOT


2021-02-25 16:08:40 -0500

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