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To: Senate and House Members - H.R. 40 - Chair Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Sen. Cory Booker and Sen. Kamala Harris

Reparations for Black Americans NOW!!! Without Increasing Federal Budget

April 28, 2020

REPARATIONS to Black Americans Now!!!

It is clear that descendants of Black Americans that were kidnapped from Africa and forced to work for free for hundreds of years in America deserve to be compensated for their labor, pain and suffering.

The major beneficiary of slavery was the United States Government.

Since slave owners did not have to pay slave labor costs, they made exorbitant profits which equated to increased governmental taxes paid to the government. Those taxes made the United States one of the wealthiest countries in the world and literally built this country. Without the substantial taxes generated by slave owners, the United States would have been arguably a third-world country.

This free forced labor force even physically built major government buildings including the White House.

The wealth created by White Slave Owners during slavery is still with their families today and the descendants of the kidnapped Africans have none of that wealth.

The federal government should compensate descendants of slaves with a federal purchasing set-aside program (similar to the current Federal 8A Set-Side Program) awarding 25% of all money spent for goods and services to businesses owned 51% by Black Americans that were descendants of slaves.

The language included in the current Federal 8A Set-Aside Program could be utilized increasing the set-aside to 25% to descendant of slaves only (of all goods and services purchased) and the term for each eligible business to 225 years (from the current 9 years).

All public money spent at all levels should be included in the set-aside program (schools, hospitals, governments, etc.).

The term of the program should be 225 years, the length of slavery in America.

Other minorities would not be included. If you are not a direct descendant of American slaves, you would not be eligible.

Mexican, Asian, Middle Eastern and even African people that came to America to gain a better life and were not kidnapped, forced into slavery and abused in America would not be eligible for the set-aside.

This reparation program would go a long way to right the wrongs perpetrated on Blacks in America.

Chuck Starks – Author of “Get Rich While Black… without Being an Athlete, Entertainer or Drug Dealer” - (916) 206.2485 – [email protected]
Sacramento, California

Why is this important?

Black American wealth is shrinking daily and our median net worth is projected to be zero by 2056.

This reparations plan will pump billions of dollars into Black Businesses each year (for 225 years) and greatly increase the net worth of Black Americans.

Black Americans are owed reparations and must receive it NOW!!!.

How it will be delivered

Email and face-to-face meetings.


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