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To: Governor Bill Lee

Reproductive Health Equity Act

We NEED to adopt and pass Colorados Reproductive Health Equity act. This will ensure no matter what the government decides we will have access to our right to basic womens healthcare. I understand you may have opposing views. It is perfectly fine for you to be pro-life, we just need you to be pro-choice for everyone else. I can sit here and go through all the scientific facts of how a fetus isn’t a baby. I can argue with you about access to birth control and how the majority of women don’t even use it for preventing pregnancy’s and that women like me use it to regulate their cycle and live function-able lives. I can argue about how Arizona wanting to ban condoms everywhere is a separate attack on our healthcare against std’s and sti’s. Not to mention an attack against the lgbtq community. But let’s sit that all aside and boil it down to the basics. The basics are that under the due process clause under the 14th amendment every individual who is a citizen of the United States has bodily autonomy. Furthermore, denying abortion, banning birth control, trying to ban condoms are all examples of crimes against humanity. Part G of this segment which can be found on the United Nations office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect it page explicitly states “Rape, Sexual Slavery, Enforced Prostitution, Forced Pregnancy, Enforced Sterilization, or any other form of sexual violence..” is prohibited. Of course you haven’t outright said we are being forced into pregnancy, however your actions and the actions of the government prove otherwise. I will let you know that you’re taking away the rights of the wrong generation. We are not afraid to speak out, and write the government’s wrongs. The first step is with this petition. So I’m asking all women of all generations to step up and sign!

Why is this important?

Join my campaign for the women who will die bleeding out due to unviable pregnancy’s. For me who left an abusive relationship just to have a pregnancy scare and need Plan B. For your neighbor down the street whose little girl was raped and now expected to give birth at 13. For your moms and sisters and aunts and grandmas to continue having the same freedom of bodily autonomy that men have had since the constitution was first written. I know not everyone agrees and I know the majority of Tennessee is a hostile state when it comes to being pro-choice. But we are no longer just talking about aborting baby’s. Now we’re being threatened with unsafe sex that will cause a spread of infections and diseases all over the U.S. and it’s complying states. They’re telling us we are incubators. That we are nothing more than the set of ovary’s in our body’s. That even with the current rights we have, they can still take them away. Women live in fear everyday. Fear of the man waiting outside the grocery store, fear of the man walking our same pace on the sidewalk, fear of our male teachers, etc. But now we have to fear the government and our state governors. The individuals who are set up in order to protect our rights and freedoms. Again I’ll say that it is perfectly fine being pro life! The important part is being pro choice for everyone else. I’m hoping we can put our religion aside and remember that this is a crime against humanity.


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