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To: Democratic Platform Committee

Reunite Families After Deportation

Reunite Families After Deportation

(Photo: Issa Sao and family in Ohio. Issa was deported to Mauritania in 2018)

Deportation has devastated so many families in the United States. This problem did not begin in the Trump administration, and it must be addressed in the new administration.

We are calling on the Democratic Party to include return after deportation in the 2020 national platform. This applies to people with families and single individuals: everyone who considers the United States their home.

Why is this important?

Deportation is an extreme consequence that has destroyed many people's lives. Families and individuals harmed by deportation deserve to heal and reunite.

Return after deportation is part of the reckoning needed in our society, as we build systems that support and value all people.

Read "The True Costs of Deportation" by Julia Preston at

Reasons for signing

  • I believe good people need a second chance.


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