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To: Apple Corporation

Safe Indoor Air, Add CO2 Measurement to Apple Watch

The new Apple Watch measures blood O2 level and we would like to suggest adding measurement of room air CO2 (carbon dioxide). CO2 (carbon dioxide) is used as a measurement of adequate indoor ventilation and safe air quality.

Why is this important?

Ideally, indoor CO2 levels should be below 700 ppm. All too often it is above 1000 where there is decreased mentation and a significant danger of spreading airborne diseases (i.e. flu, RSV & COVID). If Apple added this capability, it would greatly increase public awareness of unsafe indoor settings and be the first steps in transforming our society to adapt to the new era of airborne diseases.

Poor indoor ventilation and air quality promotes the spread of airborne diseases causing workers, students and patrons to have increased rates of respiratory illnesses. In addition, poor air quality degrades work performance and inhibits learning.


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