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To: Mayor Nirenberg

San Antonio Must Consider an Abortion Protection Act

Governor Abbott has put forth some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the United States.
The city of San Antonio must stand up against Texas abortion laws by enacting an abortion protection act similar to Austin’s pending GRACE Act. If passed, the (Guarding the Right to Abortion Care for Everyone) GRACE Act prevents the use of city funding for investigating abortions. It also works to ensure the police in Austin treat abortion as their lowest priority. The model of the act can serve as a basis for San Antonio to similarly protect abortion rights to secure the right to bodily autonomy in San Antonio. The GRACE Act’s text is linked below.
While the city council is on a current recess through the month of July, Mayor Nirenberg can call a special session to consider enacting abortion protections. To quote the mayor himself who recently tweeted “Today's SCOTUS ruling is an attack on the health and independence of women, people of color, and the disadvantaged. Access to health care, including abortion, is a human right. Criminalizing those who seek basic care will create a hostile and harmful future for far too many.”
I am calling on the city of San Antonio, the mayor, and the city council members to call a special session to review the GRACE Act from Austin and consider a possible act to protect the people of San Antonio.

Why is this important?

The right to an abortion has been proven to lower the risk of death and injury. San Antonio must be dedicated to protecting the safety of its people. San Antonio must continue to honor the rights of pregnant people to bodily autonomy and private medical decisions.


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