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To: Sarah Iannarone

Sarah Iannarone Drop Out Now!

Instead of using your privilege to promote yourself, move aside and leave space for the people of color who already have been demanding justice! We don’t need another white savior. We must respect the self-empowerment and self-determination of people who are marginalized and targeted. If we want real change that strengthens the community we need to honor the work communities of color already have done and will continue to move forward. We need to do more than just be informed by people of color, we need people of color in leadership !

Why is this important?

If Sarah really believes change is possible and wants to use her privilege to the best of her ability “to dismantle the racist conditions that cause so much pain from Portland to Minneapolis and beyond,” as her statement said. She would drop out of the race and endorse Teressa Raiford for Mayor.


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