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To: Senator Cory Booker, Senator Bob Menendez, Representative Frank Pallone

Save the Postal Service from Trump's effort to rig the election

Save the Postal Service from Trump's effort to rig the election

We reject President Trump and Postmaster General DeJoy’s attacks on the Postal Service. We ask Congress to demand:
* full restoration of the sorting machines
* restoring overtime pay
* stopping other practices that delay mail delivery
* full funding for the post office
* Louis DeJoy’s resignation.

Why is this important?

Donald Trump and his new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy have been working to undermine our U.S. Postal Service, including slowing the mail and warning states not to count on the Postal Service. This is a transparent attempt at voter suppression and rigging the election. Trump has been attacking voting by mail and has made clear that the Postal Service cuts are a way to frustrate vote by mail

How are Trump and DeJoy interfering with the U.S. mail? DeJoy has ordered the removal of 671 high-speed sorting machines, stopped overtime pay, and taken other steps to slow delivery.

Trump and DeJoy’s attacks on the Postal Service add up to mail delays that are so long that critical medications aren’t being received in time by patients in need, businesses are considering switching to private carriers to ward off customer complaints, and our right to vote by mail is threatened in the midst of a pandemic.

How it will be delivered

Email the signatures.

Reasons for signing

  • Disgusted with this attempt at voter suppression
  • Vote like your life depend upon it. Because it does. When we vote change happen.


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