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To: President Biden/ Interior Secretary Deb Haarland

save wolves from extinction

save wolves from extinction

Issue Federal Emergency Protection to save grey wolves that are being exterminated in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Alaska.
These wolves are being hunted down for trophy hunting. They are using traps, snares, baits.poison M-44, chased and run over by snowmobile, and den burning. Idaho offers $2,500 for each den burned & killed mother wolf & pups. Montana is pushing to allow shooting wolves from aircraft.

Why is this important?

Wolves are key apex predators for balanced ecology of wild lands. Yellowstone Park in 1960s is a good example of what will happen to wild land when wolves are absent, total collapse of ecology, no animals or vegetation. Without sufficient healthy wild land, our future generation will not even have clean water to survive. Hence the Federal government's project Conservation Atlas. You cannot conserve healthy wild land without having healthy numbers of wolves. Killing them must stop NOW. Protect them now, they will repay us in tenfold.


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