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To: Montana Republican Party

Say No to Censorship and #LetHerSpeak

Montana Republicans have no reason to censure or discipline Rep Zephyr. Zooey Zephyr is the first trans woman to be elected to the Montana House of Representatives. After several attempts by the Montana GOP to pass anti-trans bills over the past couple of weeks in session, Rep. Zephyr spoke passionately about how dangerous and violent any legislation would be that sought to limit or eliminate transgender people’s ability to seek gender-affirming care in Montana. Now they're viciously seeking to silence her, her voice and her impact with this vote to censure her. This is a direct attack on democracy and civil rights.

Why is this important?

Republicans have been preventing her from speaking for the days now. The Montana Republicans are playing from the exact playbook as Tennessee Republicans weeks ago: when their backs are against the wall, instead of choosing to effectively govern to the will of the people, they'll try to take our voice and our rights entirely.

We cannot let this happen. People showed up to elect Rep Zephyr in 2022, and since the GOP are preventing her from speaking, they’re effectively silencing the will and voices of her constituents.

Show your solidarity and tell the Montana GOP to #LetHerSpeak

Photo Credit: NBC News


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