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To: US President & Congress

Release the Innocent Holy Land Five Prisoners

We must mobilize to free the innocent fathers who have unjustly remained behind bars for over a decade. Turkish President Erdogan has offered to accept the Holy Land Five. We demand that the US President commit to release the Holy Land Five to Turkey, where they can spend the rest of their lives with their families and loved ones. This will return to them their rightful freedom, and save US taxpayers millions of dollars spent to imprison innocent men. We implore Congressmen and Congresswomen to put pressure on the US President to release the men to Turkey.

Why is this important?

The HLF5 are five innocent humanitarians who were unjustly tried, and whose innocence is widely accepted by politicians, academics, and human rights advocates around the world; but politics keep them imprisoned, deprived of their families and freedoms. They were tried by the US Government in a case full of injustices, and evidence proving their innocence was not allowed in the courtroom. Their sentences ranged from 15 to 65 years in prison. They've exhausted all legal options, and their only hope for freedom is a presidential order.
The Palestinian-American community and the Muslim-American community are pushing for this campaign promise in the strongest terms. ALL people of strong moral conscience, regardless of your faith or ethnicity, should support the freedom of the innocent Holy Land Five.

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For details on the case, watch The Holy Land Five documentary:


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