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My daughter attended SEPT-Scholarly Education for Precious Tots LLC in Baker, Louisiana for a little over a month. My daughter is only 18 months old and was aggressively handled by the owner Tocarra Sept. The daycare is equipped with cameras that allow you to hear the audio and record as well. I observed and recorded Tocarra Sept aggressively snatching my daughter up and sitting her back down as she was waiting to be picked up by my son. She snatched her up and turned her back around as she fussed at her about keeping her shoes on. A few minutes later my daughter takes her mask off, please keep in mind that she is only 18 months old, and Mrs. Sept walks up behind her and aggressively puts her mask back on while yelling at her saying, "Keep your mask on, this is germs!!" She handled her so aggressively that my daughter fell back into her legs because she was standing behind her. My baby braced herself with her hands to try to catch herself! Keep in mind, I have been monitoring for about 10 minutes now at work and her daughter, which is about 5 yrs old or older is sitting a few feet from all the children with NO MASK on, again, this is all on video! Minutes later before my son arrives, Mrs. Sept is seen grabbing my daughter by one arm and taking ONE diaper from her bag as she takes her to the bathroom and proceeds to change my baby on THE FLOOR in the bathroom! She didn't wipe her or anything! ALL OF THIS IS VISIBLE ON THE CAMERA!! My husband and I went to the daycare the next morning, due to our work schedules and spoke to her about what I witnessed, she denied everything until I showed her the video footage and then she only apologized indirectly for parts of what she did! I told her I felt like she was frustrated and in a rush to leave and that she should be mindful of how she handles people children. I tried to be understanding with her after we talked more and decided to give her another chance as she seemed sincere in her apology later. I now REGRET doing so because later that afternoon when I was on my way to pick my daughter up I turned on the cameras only to witness my daughter being assaulted by a boy that was 5 years old. The staff member whose name is Jada Fowler, had walked outside and left the children unattended, closing the door behind her while she was outside talking to a parent at her car! While she is outside this little boy is slapping and punching my baby in her stomach and chest area, he hit her about 15 times before I arrived and the staff member never would have knew if I hadn't have witnessed it myself! To add insult to injury when I got there in a full blown panic I was met by Jada Fowler, who was NEVER concerned about my child's safety but was ready to argue and fight with me about me running in the daycare to save my baby from being hurt! Jada continued to provoke me as I was trying to check my baby for bruises and make sure she was ok. Jada continued to argue with me about what I had just saw happen to my daughter, she is very immature, irresponsible and unprofessional and the owner was very aware what was happening because Jada called her on the phone while it all was taking place!
I absolutely regret giving Tocarra Sept another chance because it could've cost my daughter her life but I will not let that stop me from trying to prevent it from happening to someone else's child!! I posted all the surveillance footage on my Facebook page and I have also reported and given evidence to the proper authorities! I also interviewed with two local news stations as well! After doing all of this I began receiving multiple e-mails from other mother's and employees that have had an encounter at this daycare, I was shocked by what I learned...MORE NEGLIGENCE AND ABUSE stories! I asked everyone to please report their stories to DCFS and Child Care Licensing of Louisiana, whether they do so or not, this daycare needs to be shut down and the owner needs to have her license taken away! Please help me stop this negligence before it turns into another child dying or seriously being injured!!!

Why is this important?

Because too many innocent children continue to lose their lives because of overlooked negligence and abuse!


2022-04-13 04:32:28 -0400

This daycare is no longer in operation. Still not quite sure what happened but the facility that was being used is now vacant! Her web pages also have not been updated since the end of January 2022. Not sure if she has just moved and changed the name of her business but this location is definitely no longer in business!

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