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To: Joan Hartley

Speed Kills

I'd like to start this petition to force our city/state officials and representatives to place a stop light at the intersection of Hill st./Chase Ave. . I would also like to put more speed bumps through our damaged city streets.

Why is this important?

There has been several accidents and deaths at the particular location. One of my childhood friends has been struck at this location. My older sister has been struck by vehicles there. Moreover,  a number of my childhood friends have been killed at that intersection.

How it will be delivered

I will deliver this petition digitally through all social media outlets. I have placed them in local businesses, and pounding the pavement throughout our city streets.


2024-06-25 15:37:13 -0400

25 signatures reached

2024-06-20 13:30:12 -0400

10 signatures reached