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To: Chairman Joshua Deriso, Vice-Chair Royce Reeves Sr., Commissiomer Wesley Rainey, Commissioner Vesta Beal-Shephard, & Commissioner Isaac Owens

Strong Mayor in Cordele, Georgia

For years, the city of Cordele has operated without a mayor and commute it’s much smaller than ours have a String Mayor form of government in place and have seen substantial growth with a solidified angle of leadership.

We the people in the City of Cordele are calling on our city leadership to take the appropriate steps to form a Strong Mayor system of Government in the city of Cordele.

Why is this important?

This is important to the longevity of our community and to ensure a balanced and fair approach to the handling of city business, contracts, services, and resources that interface with the people in the city of Cordele. This move will allow us to bring needed oversight to the operation of our local government.


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